Cleaning my carpet

carpet cleaning

 Here is one of daily tasks that I have to sort out and I have been leaving it for a long time to sort out as it’d not very exciting, and I prefer more exciting things but sometimes you have to do what is necessary and my carpet is dirty. So will need to either buy some cleaning products and do it myself which is a good option. Or get someone in to do it.

I have looked at the cleaning products in my local supermarket and they seem to make sense, but it is recommended to use a carpet cleaning machine and I do not have one of those, so will look into buying one.

A few days later

Wow, found out it costs a lot of money to buy or rent a carpet cleaning machine and they are big things, so not sure I want to do that. I have no idea what it costs to get someone in, I will find out. And also just realised I have a nasty stain on the carpet, see in this picture below.

carpet stain

So I will have to get it out for sure as it is obvious. Think I missed it before.

OK a few hours later

I have looked around and not sure which one to go for but this one looked good and a friend said they have used them, so will go with a Newcastle carpet cleaner, nice website and recommended. Will report back later with the results.Actually their website is very nice.

A few days later

They did a grand job, stain gone and the carpet is fresh and it didn’t cost a lot and was easy because it didn’t involve me.

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