How to throw a limousine party for kids

How to throw a limousine party for kids

   September 4, 2016

When considering throwing a party for your child, a limo party may not be the first thing that comes to mind. In fact, it may seem like a bit of an extravagance. However, with limo hire becoming increasingly available, it’s not such a far fetched idea. Limousine parties can include a limo ride or the entire party can involve the limousine. Just like adults, kids love to feel special and have fun. Driving around in a limousine will make any child feel like royalty, or a rock star. If you’re not sure on how to go about this than have a look at some of these pointers:

Who’s invited?

Before you decide on whether or not to give your child a limo party, you should have a talk with them. Ask them how many friends they expect to invite to their party. If your child has their heart set on a limousine party, you may need to keep the guest list to a minimum. While limousine hire companies often have different sized limousine to choose from. Seating is still limited. You budget will determine how big of a limo you can get and how many guests you can invite. Limos start of go from a six seater size to the super stretch kind that can hold up to 14. If you choose a smaller limo, it will mean you will have fewer guests. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as it can create more of an intimacy and a feeling of exclusivity.

Arranging the limo

Now that you’ve decided on how many seats you’re going to need, you can go ahead and book. Be sure to book at least a few weeks in advanced. If you do not, you may either be unable to get a booking or unable to get the size limo you need. This would be a disaster as you don’t want any children feeling left out. You also need to decide how the party is going to work. Is the limo going be the focal point of the party? Or is it just a special means of birthday transportation and fun on the way to the party destination. If the party is going to be mainly limo base, you’re going to need to arrange the stops with the limousine hire company. You also need to be aware that you’re going to pay for any wait time. Depending on your budget, you may even want to enquire about special limousines, that come in a specific model or unusual color.

What to bring on board

As the limo company what their rules are with regards to parties. If they’re not overly strict that you can even decorate the area the party will take place. You should also bring cool drinks and snacks. These are pretty standard for any party. Try stay away from snacks that could make too much mess in the back of the limo. Stay away from cheesy chips that often crumb and stain. You don’t want to have to worry about any damages. Rather bring sweeties and cookies and normal potato chips. Check with the limo company, what their limos have installed in the back. It’ll be good to know if there is a refrigerator on board or not. Some limousines even have karaoke machines in the back, which would make for an awesome party. Have your child pick out some their favourite songs that their friends also enjoy. With this information, make a play list for the limo. This will create a lively party vibe, instead of driving around in silence . Party favours are also a brilliant idea. From party hats to lucky packets, you can give out something simple.

Fun stuff

If the limousine is just a means of transportation to the party, make the drive fun. The kids can play fin party games while in the limo. Pass the parcel is an especially great one for this. If the entire party will be set around the limo, sightseeing is a great option. You can take the children any place of your child’s choice. You can make pit stops for a picnic/cake in the park. You can stop at ice cream or milkshake parlours for a treat. Or even get lunch at a fast food place of your childs choice. The children will all really enjoy being seen around town in a limousine. It will make for a very special a memorable experience for them all.

Planning a limousine party for your child will prove to be a lot easier than you expect. In today’s world, children’s parties are becoming more and more special. And many people want to give their child the best part around. This is a great way to do exactly that. Limousine hire birmingham companies are very often on board with parties. And without a doubt the kids will be too.

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