Some daily stuff (junk removal)


We need to clear out our junk as we have accumulated a lot of stuff and are running out of space in various rooms. So we need to clear out, but how do you do that?

We really need a plan of attack and then when we have collected it all somewhere, then what do we do with it? I guess we have to either pile it up into a car and drive it somewhere or get someone in to collect it, so do it ourselves or get help. There must be a cost to getting help obviously and we have no idea what that is, but it may be better to do that, because it will definitely get done and knowing us, we will sit around and not get to it.

So our feeling right now is to get someone in, or at least get a price online which seems simple enough to do as there are lots of junk removal companies out there. I will look and get some prices.

My friend found a website that looked good and gave us some good information, so we are considering this now to get some help with our junk removal. We will need to get some local prices and shop around to get the best price. But we think it is worth it as I was saying before, if we don’t get organised and get help we may never get this done.

So another job discussed at least and we kind of have a plan.

We have so much to do around our house, junk removal is one of the important ones as it will give us some space. And then we can think about what we are going to do next. Getting rid of the junks will not only give us space in the house but I think space in our minds as junk definitely fills up your head as well.

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