Teeth Whitening and Tanning

I was thinking recently about how people improve their looks these days and if you look at the celebs, they have a distinct look, that involves a tan, eyebrow work and lovely teeth, lovely white teeth.

This look is all over the place and white teeth are a big part of this, which are shown off by a tan. When you look at someone, you always focus in their eyes and teeth, that area of the face is a focal point, so the face and especially teeth have to be white and perfect, well as perfect as possible.

So millions are spent each year on beautification of the face, teeth, eyebrows, lips, facial hair, you name it, it is being worked on. And the celebs do have a lot to answer for, as they dictate what gets publicised and teeth always are at the front and especially beautiful white teeth, every tooth has to be perfectly whitened and this isn’t by brushing hard. it involves a trip to a tooth whitener or these days teeth whitener’s come to your home and are mobile.

I have a very good friend from Doncaster who does mobile teeth whitening and she is very good and therefore successful. I will mention her website here as she is a good friend and deserves the extra publicity my little blog will give her. Her website is Super Star Smiles, so please click here and have a look or even book a tooth whitening.

As for tanning, i am not sure myself, it does get to look a little orange, which isn’t healthy looking for me and being healthy and looking healthy is very important. In my opinion your teeth are far more important than having your skin dyed. And they are more stunning to look at.

So there we are my view on teeth whitening and tanning for what is is worth.

Stay healthy.

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