Welcome to my lifestyle blog, where I discuss all aspects of lifestyle and mainly my lifestyle as it is my blog. I am Hilda and love to live as much as possible. So I will be blogging about what I do and plan to do, so I will definitely talk about dancing as I love to dance, I will also talk about mundane things as well as we all have to do mundane stuff and I am no different, only I will be blogging about it.

I have a lot to do in my life, some interesting, some not so interesting, my dancing is interesting, some of my chores are not so much, for example I need to get my place clean and not sure if I can do that myself, so may need help and I have a lot of junk I need taken away and decorating to do and I need the bathroom sorted out. You get my point I think?

So that is me, well who are you?

Please comment, on my contact page is my email address. Pop over and email me.