Dancing with a partner

Dancing with a partner

Dancing with a partner

What I am referring to here is partners dancing in an improvised and informal style, and not a specific dance like the Tango. Obviously, this isn’t what you can effectively practice alone. But however, you could put out your arms just like there is someone you are holding onto his shoulder or waist, and be restricted by that imagination. Though you may naturally not want to do this, because it apparently sounds ridiculous, but if you usually feel unsettled dancing with a partner, rehearsing like this could be a step to take off the edge.

It would also be in place to go for a ballroom, salsa or swing dancing class, where your friends could lecture you on how to dance, or you could step out with someone you’re seeing. Better still, you could hit the club, and get down on the dance floor with someone new.

Non-verbal communication is important as well

One’s body language has a great role in dancing. It would be extremely weird watching someone stepping to the 70’s funk tune with the facial expression and general body language of one listening to a Gangsta Rapper of the 90s. You would not want your mannerism to look extremely overdone, but it has to fit gracefully into the equation. Another essential thing is that, the difference between people who does great on the dance floor is in their body language. A naturally boring and awkward looking person would most likely dance poorly. However, the same steps and movement could be great only if done with extra confidence and energy.

Dancing is a physical activity

A little tip here: Dancing is a lot more easier if you’ve got a great shape. You will certainly do more, be smarter and last longer on it. Aerobic fitness, muscle flexibility, torso and leg endurance are basics that help.

Dancing to an unfamiliar style

The generic style earlier outlined can get you dancing to most of the kinds of music played in clubs and bars. However, if you ever visited a bar for a Goth night, you’ll certainly hear some harder tunes; this reveals the various standard dancing styles for different scenes.

You could still go on dancing the normal generic way, and make efforts to fit the specific scene’s style somewhat. You may not so fit in perfectly, but nobody really cares. However, if you wish to keep dancing to that particular type of music in future, you obviously have to get trained and use to its specific steps.

Ballroom dancing video

A semi-warning about dance classes

You will definitely get to learn a whole lot when you take a dance class, but people sometimes are surprised when they see themselves dancing in a club suddenly. Trust they just can’t begin a swing dance or step out in a 14-step hip hop choreographed routine. Lots of people who have had series/years of dance classes, but self-consciousness hinders them from dancing at clubs. They are rigid, lost, and they feel like the spotlight is fixed on them to perform.

Dancing badly on purpose

There is always a right time and likewise a wrong time to dance ridiculously as a joke. It’s a wrong time when you purposely dance in a silly way because you are not a good dancer or you are not so OK with it. Most times people see through the joke, and whatever humor that comes with it will be short lived.

The right time for a bad dance is when you are hanging out with friends who are good dancers, and you throw in some unserious and amusing steps or routine just to create some humor and catch more fun. This action produces a greater result, as everyone really knows the person doing it could dance, but choose to come off silly, and really not to try to conceal how unsettled they feel.

Drinking to loosen yourself up

So many people have formed the habit of getting some liquor to make them confidently step on the dance floor. Ideally, everyone would feel ok dancing real sober, but in the real sense, an extra help could really come handy. For some reasons, I think it’s just fine.

Alcohol tends to become handy when someone is quite skilled but reserved – most people fall into this group. However, this would act negative on a person who knows not how to dance and never attempts to, except they are very drunk. This could end up real messy and could be even more embarrassing if a person is just learning to dance and is sure to be uncontrollably excited. Alcohol will likely stir these tendencies.

In conclusion

This could actually sound stale and uninteresting. However, simply have fun and don’t do too much analysis, despite all you just read. Regardless of what others think about you, keep having fun…..